• Social media encompasses all online community hubs, from blogs and vodcasts and social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter, forums and UGC sites like Qype. In to the mix add online PR tracking tools which can become a window into the honest perception of a company’s brand and you see how diverse social media is.

    Seshet social media consultants help your business get better at using social media, educating you on how to engage appropriately within the relevant social media spheres as well as longer term plans for further engagement.

    To reach customers, businesses now need to grow beyond the brochure website, and engage actively with the passionate and active conversations that surround their brand. People will talk about brands regardless of their engagement but will be swayed in a brand engages over social media. Social media tools can help you find ways to reach passionate advocates, communities and influencers.

    Seshet believe that online marketing includes social media, and that companies can get tangible, measurable results while building up loyalty within relevant communities. A business does not need to spam to engage appropriately over social media but success does not come overnight.

    Seshet social media consulting can help your business in a number of ways including