• Pay Per Click search marketing follows an online auction similar to eBay. Listings are positioned according to the maximum amount are prepared to pay, as well as several quality flags. Paid search marketing is most similar to the old fashioned methods of buying advertising, but fully traceable, and as such is highly popular.

    The reasons your business may with to engage in paid search marketing will vary with the goals you have. While many relate PPC search with selling goods, it can also be used for increasing brand awareness, delivering time-sensitive messages ot offering specific targeted sales messages. Pay Per Click advertising is measurable, giving it a clear return on investment (ROI) and making it extremely popular with the highest increase in investment in search marketing.

    While Google has made paid search seem very simple, PPC campaigns are easy to get wrong. From grouping keywords to landing pages and creative message, professional PPC management ensures your paid search campaign delivers the best results for the lowest investment.

    At Seshet search marketing, we emphasise self-management of all aspects of search marketing but we understand that this is often not possible. Let us review your pay per click marketing activities and help you optimise them and run them going forward. We offer training to help you run your paid search advertising in-house but should this simply not be possible, we also offer PPC management.