• Our SEO Consultants look at your whole business, not just your online presence and work to integrate all offline advertising and campaigns, including in-store promotions and seasonality, in to your online offering. Our Usability experts offer a variety of services to ensure that when SEO and PPC drive traffic to your site, you can convert them in to leads or customers.

    With the Search Engines constantly evolving and developing there is often a lot of uncertainly amongst Webmasters and website owners as to what is the best strategy to follow to enable online success in particular industries. Not only can you bring us in as a partner to work with you, you can also benefit from our comprehensive training packages.

    With everything from a 90-minute overview of the industry and current techniques, to a half-day course on SEO, a full day course on Online, or a week-long course on how to do everything you need to for PPC and SEO, we can offer a number of training solutions to suit your needs. From helping your staff understand analytics or how to optimise their PPC campaigns through to comprehensive SEO training, we can offer training on a number of topics. Just contact us and we can put together a bespoke training package for you.

    There may not be a requirement to take on an SEO agency for a long term contract, but you may wish to have questions answered and to be able to discuss your online strategy with an expert. We offer various services but our most popular is the mini site audit. It includes keyword research for your site and instructions on how to use it, a mini site audit and analysis of the social media potential for your site and a mini competitor audit. Only small businesses can get this for their site unfortunately as it is extremely compatitively priced in order to specifically help small businesses get the help they need to compete. This mini audit is £250 and takes about a week to produce.

    Seshet search consulting can help you with every aspect of your online promotion including but not limited to: